Omihatiman (part 4)

              Omihachiman (Part 4)



    What fascinates me most in Omihachiman is food. Omi-beef is a must. We can taste the beef at a reasonable price at some restaurants spotted around Machiman-bori moat. Again I am inclined to imagine the scene that Vorelis might eat such tender and juicy beef with good appetite here, too! Sweets are also recommendable. Once we eat it, we will soon become addicted to Baumkuchen at Harie Club near the moat. The delicately soft and sweet Baumkuchen that differs from traditional ones is well coordinated to our Japanese tongue. Inside the café we can have the freshly baked Baumkuchen over a cup of coffee, looking out at the well-cared western-style garden. Spending time in the café really makes us feel comfortable for a moment.

Omihachiman is always an appealing town to visit whenever we go, particularly cherry-blossom season in April and autumnal foliage season in November. We might also have a chance to come across an attempting event in other seasons, so do not forget to check it out before going!









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