Omihachiman (part 3)

Omihachiman (Part 3)


   We should not forget one American who is called “Omi-merchant with blue eyes”. His name is William Merrell Vories. Since he started to live in Omihachiman, he had greatly contributed to the development of the town as an outstanding entrepreneur, a skillful architect and a devoted Christian missionary. He established OMI Corp. and started importing and selling that ©Mentholatum, which made his company famous nation-wide. He also designed more than 1,600 western buildings in various parts of the country, including Hilltop Hotel in Tokyo. We can see his splendid buildings here and there in Omihachiman, of course! No wonder I naturally stopped for quite some time and felt nostalgia for Colorado where I spent the day for studying, standing in front of a post office, a school, a hospital and a church he had planned. I was astonished to know that he saved Showa Emperor, acting as an intermediary between Douglas MacArthur and Fumimaro Konoe after World War Ⅱ. How deeply he loved Japan and Japanese culture!








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