Omihachiman (part2)

                     Omihachiman (Part 2)



     Establishment of Omihachiman dates back to the period of civil wars in the 16th century when a tragic hero Hidetsugu Toyotomi, nephew of Hideyoshi Toyotomi, built a castle on the top of Mt. Hachiman here. Omi-shonin (Omi-merchants) developed the town more prosperous. I knew Omi-shonin by name because it is famous for its Japan-wide business activities but I did not know that Omihachiman was the origin of it before I came here. However, such a puzzle was easily solved as soon as I looked down from the top of Mt. Hachiman. A moat in the heart of the town connects the town and Lake Biwa, the largest in Japan, and then the Yodo River combines the Lake and Kyoto & Osaka, and finally the River reaching the sea that has made the easy access to towns all over Japan. When I stood by the white store-house alongside Hachimann-bori moat, I could easily imagine that Omi-merchants in Edo period went back and forth by boat, vigorously selling and buying foods in the mountain and the sea as well as urban and rural renowned goods from place to place. Omihachiman surely flourished as one of the trading centers!







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